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Moths: Harmless or Pest?

Some people are unnerved by a flapping insect flying  around the light bulbs at night, while others can happily ignore them and let them be, thinking no harm is being done. Indeed, the common house moth will scavenge on a wide range of items and is unlikely to become a noticeable pest in Manchester Stockport and Cheshire Homes.  However, some species focus purely on certain materials or textiles and are capable of doing a great deal of damage to these items. If you start noticing pin sized holes on your clothes or bald patches on carpets or fur, or fine silky thread remnants on furniture or in your wardrobes, the chances you have a moth pest problem that needs professional pest control, particularly if you have items or clothing that are rare or of a designer nature where the cost of damage is far greater than the cost of calling out  Protec  Pest Control.  It’s worth noting the adult flying moths do NOT create the damage it is the Larvae from the,  30-200 eggs a single moth can  lay each time!

Checking your home for potential moth problems

Moths prefer darkened corners with minimal disturbance.  Any area that is seldom used or has a collection of older items for storage provide perfect habitats for moths. Larvae can often be found feeding on carpets under items of furniture that are low to the ground or in the corner of the room.  There are insect monitoring devices available, that can be placed in areas of possible concern. The number of adults found glued to the monitor will imply how close or how great the extent of the problem.  Periodically examining storage areas and decluttering belongings can help prevent problems.

What to do when Moths have become damaging pests

Protec  Pest Control attends sites throughout Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire dealing with a wide range of pests, including moths.  We will respect your property and belongings and actual clothing will not be directly sprayed or treated with chemicals.  We focus on treating the whole property even if appears moths are only present in one area.  Treatment will consist of a pair of visits at a 2/4-week interval – this ensures the life cycle of the moths is properly broken and no larvae in development stages are missed.  All our pesticides are HSE approved and water based. and applied to floors, curtains, insides of wardrobes or drawers, the bed area and walls/corners which covers access to high risk areas. Applying treatment as early as possible is the most effective way of dealing with moths, and as humans/pets will need to be out of the property until the chemicals have dried (around 4 hours), we find morning appointments work best.

Before Protec  Pest Control Arrive we require yourselves to complete the following

·        Thoroughly vacuum all carpets and rugs

·        Move furniture away from the walls to allow access

·        Empty the contents of wardrobes, and any clothing storage areas in preparation for spraying

·        Completely cover any fish tanks – the chemicals used can be fatal to fish, if the mist enters the tank.

·        Carefully inspect under furniture, and items for signs of damage.  Items with natural fibres such as wool, silk, cotton or fur are likely to draw the larvae and can help the technician pinpoint problem areas.

·        We also ask that you don’t hoover after the first visit, until the day before our return visit to allow the pesticide to be fully effective.

Moth Prevention Advice

  • Good Spring cleaning routine. Move everything at least once a year and wash and dust off before storing. Move all furniture where possible and hoover underneath.

  • When purchasing second hand textiles, place in a 60o wash before storing

  • If clothes have been worn, even briefly such as a suit, never place back in the wardrobe without washing first or placing them in a garment bag or vacuum seal storage bag.

  • Use moth deterrents in your storage areas such as cedar balls or lavender bags and replace them regularly.

  • If you haven’t used or worn an item in some time, then get rid of it. Not only is decluttering areas useful for pest prevention in general, it’s very therapeutic!


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