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Grown-up fleas live solely as parasites of warm-blooded creatures.  While they demonstrate a specific level of host inclination, bugs are in no way, shape or form picky and will feast upon all manor of different creatures with no typical host. Indeed they have a tendency to be found in the home, for while the adults like to feast upon the blood of an assortment of creatures the hatchlings require more specific conditions which are related to the natural surroundings for the hosts as opposed to the qualities of their blood.

Feline fleas are responsible for many bug invasions. Bed Bugs can be bearers of illness or may transmit parasitic worms. The most severe contamination which they can spread is bubonic torment, transmitted to man by rat insects (Xenopsylla cheopis) which convey the causative bacillus from tainted rats. In the past, rat insects have been responsible for genuine pandemics of sickness, prominently the Black Death in Europe and Asia in the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. Rat bugs can also carry murine typhus and, in view of their availability to invade people and additionally rats, are presumably the significant insect bearer of malady. The canine insect is a middle of the road host of the dog tapeworm , whose vertebrate host is typically the pooch (once in a while the feline) yet which can once in a while be transmitted to man.

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Choosing the correct flea control measures depends to a large degree on the extent of the issue. In many occasions, invasions of well kept houses can be effectively treated and controlled with one treatment.



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