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There are 41 distinct types of Ant living in Manchester. The one that causes most issues is the Garden Ant or Black Ant (Lasius Niger), which is 3.5 to 5mm long and black in colour.

Black Ants are found all over the UK, and in spite of the fact that they settle outside, they are frequently found inside houses, causing an aggravation more than anything.

You will find Ants in all kinds of places such as in dry earth around plant roots, or sandy soil which is utilized to build the Ants Nests.

Ant Nests are often found in and around homes, inside the dividers of properties (cavity dividers, for instance). Once an Ant Nest has been established it can be very difficult to treat the infestation due to the vast number of creatures

The ants discovered inside are normally laborer ants, which are scrounging for food. Ants love to find food laying around especially sweets or sugary things. The laborer ants are more like scroungers and gather seeds, nectar, even dead creepy crawlies, greenfly, blackfly and other little creepy crawlies.

In spite of the fact that it they can be very annoying and cause untold issues in your home, Black ants dont actually transmit any disease or illness but still, it is best to not leave food, crumbs, sugar etc laying on surfaces available to ants.

How would I dispose of ants?

The least expensive, however not really best, a method for managing an ants home is to pour boiling water onto the Nest. This will unquestionably control the issue, yet maybe only for a brief time until the colony rebuilds.

Another method for wiping out ants nests is to purchase a family sized bug spray which you ought to apply nearby the nest, focusing on entryways.

This again may just be a transient answer, right off the bat on account of the low doses permitted in local bug sprays. Besides, there can be such huge numbers of ants in a single home that it is hard to destroy the entire nest in one go, so the issue may repeat.

Both the strategies outlined above are worth an attempt, but in the event that you still need help to control the Ant Infestation, please contact Manchester Pest Control today.

Manchester Pest Control offers an Ant control administrations to inns, eateries, schools, workplaces, shops, processing plants and other business premises in Manchester, Stockport, and Cheshire.

Manchester Pest Control utilizes unmarked vehicles, to secure your protection. Manchester Pest control covers Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport areas for domestic and commercial Ant Treatment & Control in Northenden.

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