Commercial Fly Control

Commercial Fly Control for Landfill sites and waste management in Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire.

Commercial Fly Control for Waste Management and Landfill sites:

Landfill managers looking to contract for fly control services require a competent, reliable company that they can trust to deal with this potentially sensitive matter.

Without a proper fly control service, fly problems can soon be associated with a landfill site neighboring nearby villages and towns. This, in turn, leads to complaints from locals and investigations from the Environment Agency. Most landfill managers are pro-active in deploying fly control solutions. Using Manchester Pest Control for commercial fly control has many benefits, including fly monitoring reports to certify action has been taken. Manchester Pest Control has over 10 years experience in dealing with fly problems on landfill sites. All of our staff are trained and experienced; we supply the latest equipment and tried, tested and proven products.

Monitor the Success

As a potentially sensitive issue, fly control needs to be handled in a professional manner, and with a fly control monitoring service from Manchester Pest Control, you will have all the necessary documentation to prove you are taking a pro-active approach, and achieving maximum results.

Manchester Pest Control offers an extensive Fly Control programme that will suit the requirements and budget of all landfill managers.

Providing ‘knockdown’ and ‘residual’ treatments Manchester Pest Control have many years experience in controlling flies on landfill.

At Manchester Pest Control we access the whole of the tipping area, surrounding area, and all exposed places. To reach all parts of the landfill site.

We also offer the ‘backpack’ spray for those nooks and crannies and areas around the weighbridge and offices where flies can be a nuisance to the staff.


TREATMENT & CONTROL for Business in Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire.

Manchester Residential pest control offers a 24 hour 7days a week pest control service.

Manchester Residential Pest Control, also covers Stockport and Cheshire areas, pest treatment and irradiation with a same day service.

We provide a safe and efficient pest control service in your area, and are fully qualified in all aspects of pest control.

All prices are fixed over the phone before we arrive.

Please beware of rogue trades who quote a low price over the phone, We have recently become aware of companies operating in the area who’s costs can be ten times what a reputable local company will charge.

Manchester Pest Control MANCHESTER will treat the pest infestation using bait stations in safe locations. pest are neophobic and may be reluctant to approach DIY bait stations. Our pest control operatives are experienced in identifying and locating runs and places of harbourage, and the placement and use of bait to overcome bait shyness. We also provide tamper-resistant stations, having regard to all the circumstances of the infestation, the premises, the people involved and with minimal disruption to business, where appropriate.

Manchester Pest Control can arrange to treat your pest problem, and offer a 24 hour 7 days week pest control service.
A thorough inspection of infested premises will ascertain the extent of the infestation, since the measures necessary for control will depend on whether the infestation is established and widely distributed throughout the premises, or recently introduced and likely to be more used.

To eradicate the infestation it will be necessary to treat the premises thoroughly with suitable insecticides, including the beds, other furniture and harbourages of infested rooms. A professional pest control organisation such as Manchester Pest Control who will treat your pest problem in a professional manner. Manchester Pest Control cover Manchester, Stockport and cheshire for pest treatment. The detection and thorough treatment of all pest hiding places is a job which requires experience in order to completely eradicate the infestation and prevent recurrence.

Many people think they can treat the pest problem themselves, only to find that they make the infestation worse by purchasing household pest control treatments from DIY outlets (B&Q, Homebase, Focus DIY, Taskers, Wickes etc.) with a low dosage of insecticide. This may prove to be an expensive waste of time and money.

Manchester Pest Control operatives are specifically trained to identify the causes of infestations and to provide an effective solution to your pest control problem with advice to prevent any infestation recurring.

Manchester Residential pest control Manchester offers a pest control services to hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, shops, factories, fast food outlets and other commercial premises in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire.

Manchester Pest Control use unmarked vehicles, to protect your privacy. Manchester Pest controlcovers Greater ManchesterCheshire & Stockport areas for residentialcommercialbusiness & domestic pest control.

Call us today for more information on our pest control services on 0161 448 1782.

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